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Las Vegas Travel Insurance

What does it cover?

Flight Issues & Cancellations

Many inconveniences can occur when flying or you may even need to cancel your flight.

Medical Emergencies

You may unexpectedly come down with an illness or experience an injury while in Vegas.

Identity Theft

Going on a Vegas vacation makes you a prime target for having your identity stolen.

Not everyone in Vegas is just looking to play the slots

Get Theft Coverage

According to data from 2014, approximately 4,885 robberies took place in Las Vegas. Be sure to get Las Vegas Travel Insurance that covers the replacement of any items or money stolen from you.

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Don't just take our word for it

  • While "vacationing" in Vegas, someone tried to steal my wallet. If only I would have had theft coverage.
  • Someone stole my identity while in Vegas. If only I had travel insurance!
    Wonder Woman
  • I came down with a stomach virus that nearly ruined my Vegas trip, but my travel insurance cured me!

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